• logo and branding for Rich Media Labs
  • business card design


Over the last year I had been thinking about rebranding my company along with the development of a new company website. As the story goes, "the cobblers children have no shoes" or something like that. Well it has taken a long time to get to this internal project, but I am glad I finally got it done.

The name Rich Media Labs was incorporated in 2003 and it has served me well. I like the combination of my name and the fact that what I do can be considered "rich media". The labs part was added mostly to secure a domain, but also because it evokes a somewhat technical or scientific aspect to the company.

I wanted to add an icon mark that was more inline with this lab theme and after several variations on the beaker idea this was the winning mark. Armed with the new logo, I also designed and printed new cards and you guested it this website.


  • Branding and Identity