• responsive website development
  • custom api development
  • data analysis
  • google maps integration


Best Bike Split is a start-up company that uses an advanced math and physics optimization engine which takes power data, course info and race day conditions into account in order to out put a power plan that is customized for the individual rider, equipment, course and race day.

Best Bike Split falls under the parent company Optimized Training Labs, which you can see in the logo design and some of the elements of the website. The project work included everything from company naming and logo design to api integration, database design and custom javascript development. Some of the features that stand out on this site include: Garmin data upload and display, searchable user uploaded courses, MapQuest API integration for elevation data, responsive design based on the Bootstrap framework and Google maps integration.


  • Branding and Identity
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Database Design

For more information on Best Bike Split please visit the website.

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